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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Catering With a Twist

We love Kassie and the ladies at Catering with a Twist. Kassie has made a name for her catering business in Texas where she frequently hosts catchy themed catered events. 
Catering with a Twist Custom Event Aprons
Kassie has worked with us on numerous occasions to create custom aprons that will match a particular theme she is working on for a catered event. We were so pleased when she shared some of her event photos with us.
Catering with a Twist Themed Aprons   
We always think it helps to see "real" people wearing our aprons.
Catering with a Twist custom aprons
Catering with a Twist custom aprons
Do you have photos wearing a Creative Chics apron? Share with us on Instagram with the hashtag #ChicsRule

1 comment:

  1. OOOOO' LOVE IT!! You guys have truly helped us be US, creating custom aprons for our clients specific colors and theme. YOU ROCK!!
    Catering with a Twist
    Owner - Boss Lady