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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Handmade, Handcrafted, for Real?

Yep, for real. We make every one of our aprons literally one at a time. Ok, we have perfected batch processing a bit. I might cut a whole bolt of the same apron at one time and make 4-6 of the same apron at one time, which does help with making more aprons a day.

Cherry Jubilee Womens Apron by Creative Chics
At Work Sewing the Cherry Jubilee Sweetheart Apron
But seriously, we do take a lot of pride in creating the highest quality apron for you because we want it to last, to handle baking a lot of birthday cakes and serving lots of family dinners.

  Painterly Purple Womens Apron by Creative Chics  Turquoise and Red Cute Kitsch Womens Apron by Creative Chics  Purple Gingham Flirty Chic Womens Apron by Creative Chics

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