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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Where Does One Ever Start

There is so much pressure to make that first blog post news worthy, inspirational, something that everyone will swoon over and think, wow this woman has really got some creative writing mojo. Well I'm pretty sure that's not me, but I will promise to do my best. 
First things first, you can read all about how Creative Chics came to be by reading our About Us page. We've been around for awhile, since June 2009 to be exact. And this year we are expanding our family apron business and moving to a new location. While that sounds thrilling, moving is not my idea of fun, ever! 
It's work, hard sweaty exhausting work. But we are building a new home and in that sweet little home is a studio space I have designed just for Creative Chics and all my sewing paraphernalia -- like 3 sewing machines, bolts and bolts of fabric, a nice big cutting table (thanks to Craig's list and a handyman husband), and rows and rows of thread and bias tape.
Here's is a snapshot of my previous sewing studio...a spare bedroom that as soon as my son moved out to go to college, I converted into a sewing room. He wasn't too thrilled with how fast I moved at making it my own space. 
And a glimpse at my new space in process. Don't laugh, I know it is nothing much to look at yet, but let me tell you it's going to be amazing and roomy and a perfect little hideaway for me to work in.
Stay tuned for more photos of the studio in progress as we get closer to the move in date of August 11th. 

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