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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Handmade Wedding Gifts

I don't get invited to quite as many weddings as I did when I was younger. However, when I do, I really like to make something that is handmade for the new couple. I know they will get all of the expected items on their registry, so I aim for something unique that they couldn't find elsewhere.

A few years ago I made these custom pillow cases for Anne & Noah. They are made of a high count cotton fabric with a classic edging. But the embroidered cats were what hooked me on this design. I just hope they weren't dog people :)

handmade pillow case project
Handmade Pillow Cases as Wedding Gifts
If you have interest in making some pillowcases, I've included a link to a brilliant
pillow case tutorial below from the blog "Make It & Love It".

pillow case tutorial

In case you aren't crafty but still want to buy wedding gifts that are handcrafted and unique,
I've included some suggestions below.

Personalized Cheese Board wedding gift
Monogram or Initialized Cheese Board by Lovingly Ours
Love this personalized cheese board with serving utensils.
Add a bottle of wine and you have a personalized gift that the new couple will love.

Wedding Gift Couples Coffee Mug
Couples Mugs by ForeverYoungCo
This would make a really fun couples gift.

Personalized Cutting Board Wedding Gift
Personalized Cutting Board by NomadGift
My daughter received one of these personalized cutting boards for her wedding and it is so beautifully made and a lifetime keepsake that they will actually use.

New Couple Christmas Ornaments
New Couple Christmas Ornaments by HappyYouHappyMe
This will ensure the new couple's Christmas tree won't look bare that first year.
Little Box of Date Nights
Little Box of Date Nights by SweetBellaStationery
I love this idea! Maybe I should get it for me and my husband even though we've been married 25 years! This takes some of the work out of coming up with date night ideas.

And there you have it, a list of really unique handmade gift items for the newlyweds.

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