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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Inside The Studio: Cutting and Bagging

It's not unusual for me to cut 6-12 aprons made of the same fabric all at once. It's a bit of an assembly line production process and it works.

First we cut our apron patterns out of muslin fabric. Each apron pattern is then placed in a Ziploc bag (fancy I know) along with a label showing the apron along with its measurements.

I keep a cute little basket with all my apron patterns by the cutting table, making it easy to grab the one I want to work on.

The muslin pattern is carefully placed on top of the fabric and using it as a guide, I cut the apron out using a rotary cutter. The muslin doesn't shift on the fabric making it ideal as a pattern guide.

After I've cut a batch of aprons from the same fabric, I decide whether I am going to sew them up or bag them (Ziploc again, I should get a commission for promoting them so often) to sew up at a later date.

Plastic bins hold all of my pre-cut aprons until its time for me to sew them up. And there you have it, behind the scenes of apron prep.

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