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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Tips for Buying Bar Stools

With our new home, we needed to buy a new set of bar stools. First off our bar height was different than our last house. Second, after owning a few sets of bar stools, I've learned a few things along the way about what I like and don't like.

Here are some samples of bar stools I really liked but ultimately didn't meet my criteria.
Kirkland's French Country - fabric with nail head trim - $120 each 

Hillsdale - leather top with nail head trim - $130 each

Christopher Knight - fabric backed with nail head trim - $160 for 2

Hillsdale Vetrina backless with nail head trim - $193 each
So what was my criteria?

  1. Leather or pleather seats (for easy wipe up of spots and spills and grand children's sticky fingers) preferably in white or ivory.
  2. Metal (or indestructible) leg bars so they wouldn't get scratched up with shoes.
  3. Backless so they could slide under the bar and out of the way.
  4. Swivel top for ease of getting in and out without dragging them across the wood floors scratching the floors up.
  5. Not too modern, not too old fashioned or french country.
  6. Decent seat size to fit most people's bums.
  7. My budget was no more than $120 a bar stool if at all possible.
  8. Nail head trim -- just because I LOVE the look and really wanted it!

I ended up purchasing from Amazon Prime (free shipping) for $100 per bar stool, nail head trim, chrome shoe bars and pleather seats. Some basic assembly was required and it helped to have Robert's set of hands to help, but wasn't that difficult, especially after we put together the first one.

Impacterra Yeri Backless Walnut Veneer with Chrome & Ivory Seating - $100 each 
I have never ordered furniture online before and was a bit hesitant, but I have no problem doing my research and looking on multiple web sites to search for customer reviews on the product. This one was rated very high and I would say the reviews were spot on. I'm very pleased with my purchase, both with the quality of the product and the price I paid. I would definitely buy again.

The key to getting what you want for your own home is to list out what the most important features are for you and your style of living with your family.

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